10 Tips To Control Electricity Consumption at Home

March 21, 2022
10 Tips To Control Electricity Consumption at Home

The last two years of Covid-19 were tough for all. We have spent the most time isolated in our homes. You might have realized that staying home all the time increases electricity consumption. Further, it might affect your savings. Well, how about following strategies to save energy? Here are a few electricity-saving tips that might help you to save electricity at your home.

Turn Off the Switches When Not in Use.

Electricity can simply be saved by adjusting your day-to-day behavior. Make a habit of turning off the lights when they are not in use. Also, make sure that you turn off all the switches before moving out of your home. Further, it isn’t always required to purchase any specific energy-saving devices. You can simply limit the use of high-power electrical appliances. 

Replace Traditional Bulbs With CFLs

Traditional light bulbs use an excessive amount of energy. You can replace your bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs and CFLs. Further, these CFLs are a little more expensive than traditional bulbs but last longer. However, you don’t have to worry about the expenses as CFLs are a one-time investment. 

Limit the Use of Geysers

Limit the Use of Geysers

Water heating geysers consumes a lot of energy. There are a few ways to reduce electricity consumption: 

washing clothes in cold water

limiting the use of hot water in the washroom

washing utensils with cold water

Taking shorter showers

However, you can also install efficient power-saving heat pumps. For this, you can go for a ground source heat pump installation. It extracts underground heat and transfers it to the heating water supply. 

Replace Your Dirty Air Filters From Time to Time

Make sure that you get your air conditioners serviced regularly. Dirty filters not only consume more energy but also increase the repair cost. So it is important to get your air conditioner filters replaced from time to time. However, this will increase the life of your air conditioner.

Use Microwave Instead of Hot Plate

Use Microwave Instead of Hot Plate

Using a microwave instead of a hot plate reduces the cooking time. It helps to save energy and money. Well, reheating food might be your daily routine. Here, it is best to use a microwave to protect your time and energy. Even if you are cooking on a hot plate, keep a lid on. Further, it will also promote electricity conservation.

Use Natural Light

The use of the sunlight is another tip to save your power consumption. Try minimum use of lights in the daytime. Use north and south-facing windows. They are best to illuminate your room throughout the day. Further sunlight promotes the killing of germs and is a better source of Vitamin D.

Switch To Laptops

Switch To Laptops

Avoid using private computers and switch to laptops. Laptops are best for energy saving. They consume less power than desktops. Further, they can be carried and are much more efficient than computers.

Use Front-loaded Washing Machines

If that’s not enough, you can also use front-loaded washing machines to wash your clothes. They are efficient for water as well as energy saving. Further, you can also use the power-saving tab on the washing machine to save your washing time. 

Use Solar Devices 

Use Solar Devices 

Best of all, you can use solar devices to save energy consumption at your home. Sunlight is the best source of energy. Try switching to solar appliances for water heating, lighting, and cooking. Further solar appliances are best for longer usage with minimal repairing costs. 

Install Electricity Meters

Install electricity meters in your home. Electricity meters calculate electricity as per the unit consumption. By now, you should keep a track of your electricity consumption. However, Installing smart electricity meters goes a long way to keeping a check on electricity usage.


The best possible way to start energy conservation is to use smarter technology. Try to use energy-efficient appliances. Further, shift to renewable sources of energy such as heat pumps and solar energy. However, You can simply follow the above-mentioned tips to save your money and energy. Also, let me know if you find them helpful. 

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