4 Ways To Sanitize Your House During The Pandemic

May 21, 2020

From the days, weeks and months we have spent in isolation or under quarantine, it is pretty much clear that sanitization is mandatory. But sanitization applies to everything that surrounds you. Yes, washing your hands for twenty minutes and wearing gloves, masks are equally important. However, it is also vital to disinfect your house. The CDC reports that you can contract the virus from infected individuals and also from contaminated surfaces. In addition, The New English Journal Of Medicine conducted a study and found out that the virus can survive up to three days on plastic, three hours as aerosol particles, and for 24 hours on cardboard-like surfaces. This means that besides personal hygiene you also have to make sure that things around you are sanitized thoroughly. And here’s a write-up that can help you disinfect and clean your house during the pandemic.                                                                 

Routinely Clean Frequently Touched Surfaces                                                                                                                              

There are several surfaces in your house that you touch frequently. For instance, light switches, doorknob or handles, water taps, electronics, faucets, etc. The virus can survive on all these surfaces. In fact, it is quite likely that you can contract the virus from these surfaces after an infected person coughs or sneezes, leaving droplets containing the virus on these surfaces. So, make sure that you clean these surfaces with the help of EPA-registered disinfectants. These disinfectants are effective and help curb the spread of the virus. Also, when cleaning the surfaces using these disinfectants, read the instructions given on the packaging. You will be required to wear gloves while applying the product and don’t forget to keep the windows and doors open. 

If you are cleaning electronics, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the packaging of the product. If you don’t have disinfectant. Spray some hand sanitizer on a wipe and then gently clean your electronics from the top. Also, make sure that your cleaning products have at least 70 percent alcohol in them. Only products with alcohol content will be effective against the virus.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Always Start With Basic Cleaning

Cleaning during the pandemic does not mean that you only have to concentrate on sanitizing delivery packages and things that you bring home from a store. You also have to stick to your basic cleaning routine. As we all know that most of us have plenty of time in our hands. So, cleaning the house regularly can help us pass the time productively. You can start with basic vacuuming, mopping, and dusting practices and then use an effective disinfectant to wipe floors and other surfaces. In my personal opinion, regular cleaning is essential because we all are confined within four walls of our house. The isolation and quarantine period can cause stress and anxiety. However, a clean house will spread positivity and help you stay motivated. 

Clean As You Go                                                                            

The best way to stay at peace of mind is by cleaning everything as you go. You see you will be frequently using your house during the lockdown period. You will utilize almost every room in your house, particularly when you are living with your family. So, make sure you do not clutter your room or the kitchen space in the house. Just like you wash your hands every time you come back from a walk or grocery shopping, clean the kitchen countertop, sink, and metal or silverware with alcohol-based cleaners. 

Always remember to take the garbage out and keep a bottle of disinfectant in the kitchen handy. You can use it to clean the outer surface of the fridge and food platforms. More vitally do not keep the grocery bags in the kitchen immediately after reaching home. In fact, disinfect the outer surface of the bag as soon as you enter the house and wash all the fruits and vegetables before use. 

Take Good Care Of Laundry

The pandemic has taught us to do a lot of different things. Most of us live within the confines of our home and figure out how to pass time during the quarantine. For instance, only yesterday I figured out that valorant boosting is a feature that avid game players use these days to achieve high ranks. Quite interesting right? However, more interesting is that the same day I forgot to wash the clothes I wore when I went out for grocery shopping. And to be honest, clothes are also capable of carrying the coronavirus germs. So, as soon as I remembered, I picked up the clothes using my gloves and put them in the laundry. Also, I cleaned the surface where the clothes were lying with an alcohol-based disinfectant afterwards.

So, this also means that you have to clean the clothes immediately after you come back home from grocery shopping or a walk. You can use reusable gloves or disposable gloves to put the clothes in the washer. Do not put the clothes in the laundry with bare hands and wash your clothes in lukewarm water. Most importantly don’t forget to add disinfectant along with washing powder and water in the washing machine. 

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