6 Handy Tips to Clean Your Dab Rig

January 28, 2020

A dab rig works the same way as a bong, i.e. filtering concentrate vapors through water. However, dab rigs are smaller in size when compared with bongs, and vapors are more potent and travel to the lungs more quickly.

As compared to bongs, cleaning is easier in dab rigs. Why so? Because in dabbing, there’s no combustion, thus less resin buildup. However, sticky build-up after vaporizing concentrate (reclaim), can change the flavor of dabbing. This is difficult to clean in dabs with complex filtration systems. If you don’t clean the nail regularly and use it repeatedly, this will increase the chances of carbon and reclaim buildup.

To begin the process of cleaning your dab, here’s what you require-

  • Cotton swabs
  • Coarse sea salt
  • More than 90% isopropyl alcohol
  • One sealable container

Now let’s learn a step-by-step guide for cleaning your dab rig for vapor purity and optimal performance.

Torch The Nail

Nail is one of the major parts of the dab rig. It holds cannabis concentrates, thus needs to be cleaned regularly. The best way to clean it is to heat it to remove the reclaim or residual carbon burns. You can torch the nail in case the buildup is minimal. However, you can also try cleaning the nail surfaces with the help of alcohol-soaked cotton swabs.

Although with a torching method, you can remove the residue off of the nails, sometimes you are unable to clean them properly. If this happens, you can heat the nail with tongs into room-temperature water, and remove the white oxidation residue.

Put The Nail in a Seal-able Bag Containing Alcohol

If even after torching the nail, you still see some carbon or reclaim buildup, use this method for cleaning it properly. Simply put the nail in a plastic bag with alcohol. In case you are using a seal-able bag, consider adding some salt and shake it well when required.

Pour Out Water

Your rig contains water, which is used for filtering the vapors before they reach your lungs. You should pour out old water and replace it with fresh water. When cleaning, remove water because this makes it easier for you to handle the rig during the cleaning process. If you use rig regularly, I advise you to change the water every day. This will help in preventing reclaim buildup and preserve the potency of vapors as well.

Add Alcohol to The Base

The next step is to add alcohol to the base of the dab rig. In case it requires deeper cleaning, consider adding coarse salt until the base is covered completely.

Shake Well

Shake your dab rig properly to clean all the walls. Make sure you cover all the holes of the rig before shaking otherwise the cleaning solution will come out immediately. However, you should shake the dab in such a way that reclaim buildup become loosened and dissolve completely.

Rinse With Warm Water

The next step is to rinse the dab rig and nail with warm water to clear the reclaim buildup. Shake the rig slowly to wash away the remaining reclaim from all the walls.

Is it Right to Collect Reclaim?

Yes! Just like resin, you can collect reclaim, and use it for making tinctures, edibles, and capsules. However, it still contains some cannabinoids from the cannabis concentrate, thus you can reuse it for dabbing. In some dabs, there are drop-down attachments for trapping reclaim, thus making it easier for dabbers to collect it. However, in rigs without such attachments, you need to remove reclaim using alcohol. And, in such a case, it isn’t recommended to reuse the reclaim.

Cleaning Electronic Dab Rigs

When it comes to cleaning an electronic dab rig, you need to clean the e-nail first. After that, you can start by cleaning the body of the rig. You should remove the e-nail, mouthpiece, and other parts during the cleaning process. You can use the alcohol solution for removing the reclaim properly.

However, if your dab contains soiled compartments, you can soak it overnight in the alcohol solution. This will loosen the reclaim, thus making it easier for you to remove. Some rigs have a cleaning mode, which helps in burning off excess gunk. You can use a soft cloth and soap solution for cleaning the body of the rig.

Final Words

To sum up, to have great dabbing experience, it’s necessary to clean your dab rig regularly. Pour off the old water often & replace it with the freshwater, clean the nail using cotton swabs after every dab. However, for optimal performance, you should also deep clean the dab rig frequently.

To dab or use another method of cannabis consumption legally, you require an MMJ card. Talk to a licensed doctor, have open discussion related to your condition, and receive your medical marijuana card.

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