Design The Reading Nook Of Your Dreams

June 24, 2019

We live chaotic lives, the kind that hardly leaves any space for us. Taking some time to switch off is now considered a luxury. The spaces where you can just unplug and be free of all the worries on this planet are also becoming more and more compact. It is important that we dedicate spaces that help us unwind and indulge in some peaceful activities, like reading a book, or just ruffling through a stack of magazines or just indulging in some old fashioned skincare. Put on headphones, a sheet mask, and meditate.

One space that is perfect for all this is a reading nook. This space usually consists of a comfortable chair, a plush pillow, and an ottoman, that literally scream “sit here.”  If you have space, a reading nook could be an entire room, or it could be a corner of your house. As long as it is a space that is inviting and reflects your unique personality, you would do just fine.

So, what is your list of cozy essentials? It could be a throw blanket or a table filled with books and pictures, or maybe it is a bunch of houseplants. Everyone has different tastes, and your tastes are what will govern the final look and feel of the space.

The main motive of a reading nook is to ensure that you fill it with things that make you feel happy and soothed. There are still some fundamental ideas that can incorporate regardless of your choices.

Soft Materials Galore 

Try and incorporate plush fabrics within your reading nook. A cozy chair with a throw pillow that feels great to touch is a great starting point for your nook. Some people prefer to go the faux fur route and DIY chairs that end up looking like floating clouds. The addition of pillows brings in texture, and with personal bits of decor like family photos and wall hangings, you will effectively have a basic personalized nook.

Create It Big Enough For Two

Reading nooks aren’t something that has to be experienced alone. If you just make it slightly bigger, you can make it a cozy paradise for you and your friends to hand out there too. You can jazz up the space with pillows and wall art, quotes, and photos that give you the fuzzy feels. Maybe you don’t want a person, but your furry friend also often makes for a great reading companion.

Include A Bookshelf 

Who has not wanted to own a library that could rival the one in Beauty and the Beast? But till the time we can achieve that, the next best option is just to Include a bookshelf. If you are working with a small space like a window seat, then you can try to create a built-in bookshelf. A bookshelf that is placed right next to your nook will mean your chances of running out of books to read is very though. Also, window = light, and nothing is better than natural light.

Spice Up The Space With A Pop Of Color

For a perfect reading nook, brush up on the concept of color theory. Some colors have the power to invoke happiness instantly. A punchy pop of yellow or green can do wonders to make the space a lot more inviting. Even if bright colors are not your cup of tea. You can always go in for a neutral but cheerful palette. A soft pink table, polka dot pillow, or a chrome light stand are all subtle ways of amping up your space.

A Corner Is Enough 

If you have a shortage of space, fret not, a small unused corner of your room is good enough. A chair, a throw pillow, and a lamp will be just enough to create a cozy corner you want to sink into the moment you enter your room.

If You Have a Little More Space

You can, if you have the space, completely forego the chair. You can have an elevated area or a chest type situation and then build on it. A nook is a multipurpose space. So, don’t think that you always have to read there. It is a space to rewind and recharge. Thus, a nap or two will never hurt. The area can smoothly go from being a snooze to read place. Get a lounge chair, pillows, and blankets, you will end up with an adult nap time-space.

A reading nook, in the end, can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be. These tips are not the gospel, and you can interpret them as you see fit. A gallery wall, houseplants or a record player, all make for great additions to this space. As long as it fits your aesthetic, everything is game.  

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