How to find an affordable interior designer?

July 14, 2018

Do you dream of an attractive home? Well, dreams do come true. Design is an important aspect of living space. It can completely transform the vibe you thrive in. People think that good design is something that is costly to achieve. Honestly, that’s not true. You can hire an interior design that offers his expertise within your budget. Don’t believe it? Well, that’s true. You just to be aware of the basics while sourcing your interior designer. Here is how you should do it. 

Do some research

The internet has an abundance of information that you can use to your advantage. Look for decorators online and check where you can find a spot to contact them. While doing the research, pay attention to the reviews and ratings too. They present a good way to get a glimpse into the designer’s prowess. Just shortlist 3-4 high rated designers and contact them. Also, inform them about your ideas and see if they can match your needs. 

Decide the scale of your project

Are you looking for a designer just for your bedroom or the entire home? This fact dictates the choice of your interior designer. Usually, interior designers are trained to handle large projects.  So, if you’re looking for something small, it’s better to hire an interior decorator that has knowledge about the key aspects of decoration. Well, if you need decoration for the entire home, you’ll need an expert interior designer. 

The budget is important

The budget decides the kind of interior designer you’ll hire for yourself. You might be living in the impression that they are pretty expensive but that’s not true. Just communicate the budget to your designer and check what kind of services they can offer. Inform them in advance about the amount you wish to invest in. This will allow them to come up with a plan that matches your needs. Also, enquire about the mode of payment. Many designers charge on an hourly basis while some charge it according to their services. For instance, if the designer shops on your behalf, he’ll definitely charge a fee. So, these factors amalgamate to sketch a designated budget for you. 

Take referrals

The referrals can be pretty helpful. Chances are that someone in your family or friends might have hired an interior designer in the past. So, you can take the names of potential interior designers and do some research on them. Ideally, a good interior designer would have an influential online presence. Check if they have a valid address and an online portfolio. Go through the portfolio and contact the past clients if possible. If the response is positive, it’s a green signal to pin your search on that particular designer. It’s not just limited to that, make sure if the designer is licensed to operate as an interior designer. Check their certifications and if they hold a valid degree in designing. 


When you have 2-3 choices in hand, it’s better to make a comparison between the potential choices. Compare them on parameters such as price, expertise, reputation, and their creative prowess. Communicate with them and check if they can offer the concept you’re looking for. Ideally, you would want to select a designer that can get the job done for you with minimum hassle. With multiple choices, the job definitely becomes easier for you. Just select the right one for yourself. 

Have a set of designs in stock

Naturally, when you’re planning to get your space designed, you’ll have a specific framework on your mind. Jot or sketch the idea on a notepad. A better idea would be to search the design ideas on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. There are a variety of pages that offer creative content for the users. You can follow these pages and save the designs that match your interests. Show these to your designer and inform him about the kind of design you’re aiming for. Your designer might add his set of ideas and try to blend the best results for you. 

Communicate with students or interns

Design students are always eager to gain real-world experience. You can contact a local college and interact with the design interns. This provides you with a great option to get your job done at a reduced rate. Usually, these interns are willing to gain exposure to use their skills. When you provide them with an opportunity, they’ll naturally be willing to work. And, it’s not going to be that expensive. You can communicate with the students and inform them about the kind of design you’re looking for. If their set of ideas is lucrative, you can definitely give them an opportunity. 

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