How To Perfectly Cook Different Types of Eggs

August 25, 2018

When life offers you eggs just open your arms wide open and say YES! After all, it is the best way to start your morning and you can cook them in the blink of an eye. But did you know that you can cook eggs in various ways? From poached to hard-boiled, scrambled, and even fried. There are so many ways to cook an egg. And believe me, every style has its unique cooking technique. You see it is vital to get the technique right because sometimes cooking an egg can be tricky. In my personal opinion, if you don’t cook an egg the right way your taste buds will defy what you just cooked and more likely you will wonder how a simple dish can go wrong. So, here are five basic techniques that will help you cook each type of egg perfectly. 

Poached eggs

The word poach means submerging food in a liquid. And the good news is, you can poach an egg in many different ways. However, always remember that poaching an egg can be more difficult than you think. The best method to poach an egg is with the help of the technique mentioned below. 

First and foremost, fill a pot with 3-4 cups of water and then add some salt to it. Now, light the gas on and let the same water boil at 100 degrees. Next, add a little bit of vinegar to prevent the eggs from spreading. 

Next, turn the gas off and crack an egg in a small bowl. Soon after that, take a spoon and produce a whirlpool in the water. For the next step, you have to be very careful because it requires you to tip the egg in the whirlpool. So, make sure you tip each egg carefully and close the pot soon after to let the egg sit for 5 to 7 minutes. 

The final step is to take the poached eggs out of the water with the help of a slotted spoon. You can also transfer the poached eggs into a freezer to halt the process of cooking. 

Fried eggs 

I think fried eggs are very simple to make but there is only one tiny little thing that you have to keep in mind. Crack the egg directly on to the pan and decide which type of fried egg you want. You see there are two types of fried eggs – sunny side up and over. For sunny-side-up eggs, you have to heat the pan in medium heat and add butter to it. Then crack open the egg right on top of the sizzling butter and let it cook until the whites start showing. Leave the liquid running and season the eggs with kosher salt. Next, using a spatula take the eggs out of the pan gently and in the end, season them with black pepper. 

For over eggs, you have to follow the same technique, but the only difference is, you have to flip the egg once. This step will ensure whether you want the egg over-medium while the yolk is still runny or over-hard. But always remember to cook the eggs for two extra minutes in case of over-hard eggs. 

Scrambled eggs 

If you want the perfect scrambled eggs, whisk them thoroughly using a whisk instead of a spoon. And the good news is the more you whisk the better your eggs will aerate. So, whisk the eggs properly and then directly pour the eggs over a medium-hot pan. Also, before you pour the liquid on the pan add some seasoning. Especially the one that you prefer. I usually add some parsley and black pepper. Similarly, you can choose your seasoning and then cook the omelet on a non-stick pan. 

In addition to this, do not take the omelet out of the pan until you hear a sizzling sound. This sound will be an indication of how perfectly your eggs are being cooked. Now, continue to stir and whisk the eggs for two minutes and your scrambled eggs will be ready in no time. 


Omelette is basically a different version of scrambled eggs. But in this technique instead of whisking them inside the pan, you have to let the liquid set. Let’s see how you can make a perfect omelette. First, crack the eggs in a bowl and then add some seasoning to it. You can also add onions if you like them in your omelet. Next, heat the pan for two minutes and then add the nicely stirred liquid into the pan. Make sure you spread the liquid all throughout the pan and then let the mixture sit for a while. 

For the final step take a spatula and gently move one edge towards the middle for the liquid to set in completely. Then toss the omelet to the other side and voila, your omelette is ready!

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