Music Can Make You Healthier: Here’s How

October 6, 2021
Music Can Make You Healthier: Here’s How

Music is my forever love. You better not ask why. Being a jolly and emotional girl, my motor nerves have always attracted every beat of music. Music has become such a therapy that it once took me out of my 3-months old depressive state. When antidepressants were not giving the desired results, music released a chain of dopamines and I began to like the world again. 

Music can literally heal you. A combination of different treatments along with music, and you will be grateful for life. For me, it was some medications, delta-8 gummies and music, which helped me come out of my dark days. Visit this site to read more about delta-8 gummies. Now, it’s not only me but it has helped a lot of other people suffering from different health conditions ranging from pain, anxiety, and many more. 

Even research suggests that the positive impacts of music can make a person healthier. And minds must be wondering how? Well, below I have listed the top ways how music can make you a healthier person. Give the whole blog a read. 

Music Reduces Pain

While researching music, I found out that there are several studies which suggest that music has the power to reduce or manage pain. In a study conducted of patients suffering from post-surgery pain, half were given the chance to listen to music once in four week and half were not. The patients who listened to music reported reduced pain and less anxiety symptoms. 

Music can be a great way to distract yourself from pain or any other physical discomfort as it releases dopamine in the brain, which is a happy hormone. More dopamine means more excitement. 

Music Manages the Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression 

Having gone through a state of anxiety and depression, I can vouch for the fact that music does help to manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Being the most common mental health disorders, more and more people complain that they suffer from anxiety and depression. While some people can’t make it further without medications, there are people who first try natural ways including music to get themselves out of a depressive episode. 

Some studies also show that people who listen to slow music or without lyrics, have reported to feel more calm and relaxed during a stressful situation. A research even suggests that in some rare cases, the stress-reducing effects post a surgery were more powerful with music than the other pharmaceutical drugs. 

Music help Your Exercise 

A lot of you would surely agree with the fact that music gives you the motivation to hit the gym or do any other sort of physical activity. If I talk about myself, I use music for my yoga sessions, zumba, aerobics or even normal exercising. I feel it helps you focus with more energy and alertness. Studies conducted on people who workout, suggested that people who listened to rock and upbeat music while working out felt more energetic and were able to spend more time doing the exercises.


My experience says music is a great way to make our life better. If you are sad, depressed or have any type of health condition, try listening to music and you will feel good, my friend. And the fact that there is music all around us, one can always take advantage of it and feel good. 

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