Organisational Tips To Make Your 2020 Better

January 18, 2020

If you ever feel like the new place you are about to move into is a tad bit smaller than the one you were at this is the blog for you. The truth is the average size of apartments has gone down by 8%, studio’s are worse hit with the size shrinking 18%.  This is not even the sad part, that one is that we own more things than ever before. I’m just talking about essentials here. Downsizing to fit the needs of an apartment does not make sense. 

What you need to do is smart organization of your belongings. That is the only way you will be able to make your space look cleaner, bigger and better organized. So, for your convenience here are some tips that will help you create a better space to live inside. 

Get A Box Spring With Drawers 

If there is clutter in your bedroom and you are at your wits end then it is time to invest in a box spring with drawers or something similarly designed. This will help you clear the clutter of the bedroom while maintaining the storage space under the bed. 

Some people like to just shove stuff under the bed but that is not the best approach to organization. 

Clear Boxes For Shoes 

If you want to make your closet easy to manage then instead of going in for old fashioned bulky racks and tacky looking over the door shoe organizer, go for clear boxes to store shoes. 

This way you will have a neatly organized shoe closet which will make the hunt for a favorite that much easier. You can see everything and the uniformity will help you feel much better about your closet. 

Magnets Are Your Friends 

Even if you live in a big house, counter space seems to be a premium commodity, so a small space obviously complicates the process a little more. 

An easy solution for better utensil storage is via the use of a magnetic rack that is adhered to the wall. This creates vertical storage which is a great way to make a small space seem bigger. 

Hampers Go On The Wall 

Hampers are literally the only socially acceptable way to store dirty laundry in your room.  Now do the mathematics. An average hamper occupies roughly the same amount of space as that of a side table. So, going up on the wall is a bright idea. 

Hang the hamper from a hook on the back of the door, that way you don’t even have to see it throughout the day. Plus you get about another extra feet of usable space, 

Recycling Bins Go Under Kitchen Cabinets

There are only a few things that are as bad as oversized garbage taking up half of your kitchen space. To effectively hide any kind of garbage, mount a couple of tracks inside a kitchen cabinet and use a rolling bin instead of a  stationary one. 

Use a Cube Organizer To Create A Storage Bench 

Accomplish two tasks with one creation. Make a storage space as well as a sitting space with the use of a cube organizer, Place a cushion on top and put all your outerwear like hats, gloves and other accessories in that place. 

This way when you are walking out of the house in a rush, you don’t go around searching for these items or worse leave without them. 

A Hanging Shoe Rack Is Useful Too 

A shoe rack might not look all that great when you place shoes in it. But you can repurpose it for something a lot lighter. Use this rack for all the towels that you own. 

The linen closet will probably thank you for getting these unwieldy items out of their presence. Roll up the towels and stick them in the compartments in the rack.  

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